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Rime is HIPAA-compliant

February 5, 2024 | Privacy, Compliance

We’re excited to announce that Rime Labs Inc. has satisfied all the necessary criteria to be HIPAA compliant through a requirements analysis and internal audit, driven by Vanta.

We invite health-tech companies, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and other organizations handling PHI to deploy our real-time Text to Speech while ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive health information.

The Details

HIPAA—Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act—is a federal regulation in the United States that sets rigorous standards for how protected health information (PHI) is handled. Complying with the regulation involves both technical and operational safeguards to protect PHI.

Using Vanta, our privacy and security officer verified over 200 requirements across over 120 controls to ensure that Rime’s infrastructure and operations continually adhere to industry standards for security and reliability.

In parallel we’ve been completing SOC 2 requirements and will begin our SOC 2 Type II audit in February, which will further verify Rime’s commitment to secure operations.

Reports detailing our HIPAA compliance and other security measures are available to current and prospective customers upon request.